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NWC Methodology
Forming new Habits and Practices
We have discovered that the greatest opportunity for most organizations is not in finding new techniques and information, rather in diligently applying what they already know works (the learnings). What we have also found is that there are barriers to implementing these learnings. Our approach is to intervene with the barriers, which are present in the overall work system, that facilitate or hinder the application of the learnings, so as to increase people's capacity to consistently produce extraordinary results.

Our keys to application consist of:
  • Intentional use of Language - we facilitate the creation of expanded awareness through the use of distinctions in language.
  • Practice, practice, practice - we recognize the human propensity for inconsistency and we focus people on repeatable, reproducible practices that lead to collaboration and superior performance.
  • Open dialogue and feedback - the main blockage to improvement and breakthrough is not what is said but what is not said. We create the environment and provide the tools for a higher, more open level of dialogue and understanding.
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