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Development of Leadership and Coaching Skills

Leaders are all levels tend to speak about the same situation: people’s inability to solve for themselves the minor problems they face. Perhaps what is missing is NOT their ability but other important factors that can be transmitted over to them and they can use freely. The two main factors are the leader’s Purpose and Values for the business as a whole or the business unit.

We have put together a program that supports this kind of communication as well as develops individuals to work together as a body. One that is clear of it’s interdependencies, works building strength from the functioning parts and from it’s ability to take care and develop the parts that are not working at their fullest potential.

The role of empowerment
Is there a difference between empowerment and abdication by managers? To create leaders you must recuperate your capacity of unfiltered observation.

Distinction between managing, leading and coaching
Today's manager needs to demonstrate competency in all three areas as a starting point for being effective and not just efficient.

Developing your people
Has our most important asset become an afterthought in our strategy? Core Leadership teams are developed to accelerate changes, interrupt limiting activities and create innovation.
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