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Two fundamental changes have occurred over the past twenty years:
  • The availability of computing power to accelerate communication and processing
  • The increase in interdependence amongst people to produce synergistic results

As we look into the future, we see that collaboration is and will remain a key in producing extraordinary processes and work environments. Our model for enhancing collaboration rests on people being truly aligned as well as having the capacity to generate productive conversations.

Deep Alignment
Giving people the influential power over the purpose of the organization begets ownership. Having congruency between individual and organizational purposes is key for deep alignment.
Deep Alignment involves getting clear about a shared future where people can engage with their passion and commitment. Mindsets and ways of being that prevent true collaboration are redesigned so people give of themselves towards the new direction. Deep Alignment produces a commitment for all involved.

Productive conversations
A productive conversation creates a listening that is inclusive. As brush and palette are an artist's tools, conversation is the professionals' key instrument. Productive conversations are the catalyst that allows for high performance interaction and relationship. We have found that with such conversations, a company's historical conflicts and lack of communication are raised and dealt with smoothly. Solid and meaningful agreements are quickly reached.

There is a direct proportional relationship between Collaboration and High Performance

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