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Sales Optimization Program

This program is composed of two different parts. We have discovered that only training the sales force will not produced the necessary adjustments to generate breakthrough results. The two elements are:

Relationship Oriented Sales

We develop people in the practice of being extraordinary business representatives and learning the discipline that will have them exceed sales expectations. Using our unique methodology, the participants will have the opportunity of growing through their own experience and participation. We shy away from techniques that are not adaptable for all the participants; we develop a flexible methodology that at the same time is repeatable and measurable.

Our methodology has three basic fundamental principles:

  • Learning by experiencing is the only true long lasting learning.
  • Each individual has his own learning pace; it should be respected and honored.
  • Success (small to huge) is the only true motivator.

Outcome produced: Sales Teams produce higher than expected results in a sustainable fashion. A learning mentality for long-term business relationships is adopted.

Value Chain Optimization

Organizational dynamics often interfere with the activation of excellent processes.
Smooth flow and elimination of waste are achieved by exposing and resolving causal mechanisms of mediocrity in processes.

Outcome produced:
Organizational processes for client satisfaction are cleaned up, new standards for responsiveness and rigor are developed.

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